Products as Variation

Products as Variations

for WooCommerce

Display simple Products as Variations for others in a simple and efficient way

With this plugin, you can easily show your clients products with similar features in a simple way, without creating a variable product while you preserve the ability to have independent products, each of them with its own meta description, and focus key phrase.

You can choose to display Products as Variations either using buttons or select field so it will integrate nicely with your theme.

The plugin is designed to be lightweight and to have as little impact on your page as possible.

Customize it to fit your design

You can customize the text color, background color and border radius for both buttons or select field using color codes or color picker.

Aditionally, if you want to further customize, you can designate an aditional css class so yoi can use your own css stylesheet to customize the buttons or select field.

Boost your sales by showing your clients all the available options

With Products as Variations plugin you have the option of showing different products in the catalogue with similar options that otherwise will not be visible untill the user goes on the product’s page and click on a variation.

Use case:

This plugin is great if you sell products like a smartphone that for a speciffic configuration is available in different collors. This way you can show in your catalogue a red smartphone and a blue smartphone thus increasing the possibility for an user to make a purchase. This is the way big marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay display the products and for a good reason.

Customize the Products as Variations as you want

You can choose any products to display as variation. The products dosen’t have to be related in any way.

You can set the Variation title and set a custom label for each product.

You can do this by editing one of the products. Save once and the Variation is applied to all the selected products. 

You can change the products order by drag and drop.

You don’t even have to update the product as the saving actio is handled in background. Isn’t that cool?